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Approved Offer Program

Who says selling your home has to be stressful? A stress-free approved offer on your home from Austin Banks Real Estate Company means that you get:

  • Easy & Fast Sale – Time is precious, so let’s speed things up. We can make an offer on your property usually within minutes.
  • No Surprise Fees – More money in your pocket and less stress on closing day. The only surprise is how easy it is!
  • Your Timeline – We can accommodate fast to delayed closing dates based on your needs.
  • No Repairs Needed – We’ve figured repairs into our offer – this means no repair costs or tasks for you to worry about.

Submit Your Home Today!

In order to expedite the process, please submit the following photos to verify your ownership and the current condition of the home.

1. A front photo of the outside of the home

2. A photo of the AC unit

3. A photo of the water heater

4. A photo of the main living room

5. A photo of all bathrooms

6. A photo of all bedrooms

7. A photo of the kitchen

Upon researching the property, we will be in touch either by email or phone.

Select your ownership/representation status

Selecting your ownership type will allow the appropriate form to display below the submission field. Please note: the page will refresh to display your submission form. If you have any issues with this process, click here for an alternative submission option.

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Is An Approved Offer Sale The Right Move for You?

Take this short, no commitment quiz to qualify your home for an approved offer from Austin Banks Real Estate Company.  This process is easy, fast, and we promise we will not share your information with 3rd party companies.

By submitting this quiz, you certify that all information provided is true to the best of your knowledge and you are the owner of the property.