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Approved Offer Questions and Answers

There are two ways to begin the approval process. Both are easy and only one requires significant information.

1. You can take our short Approval Quiz to see if your home fits within the approval parameters. This is a fast, non-invasive questionnaire that talks you through the process of getting your home qualified. You can take that quiz here.

2. You can submit your home (with or without an approval quiz result) through our online submission process here. The easy to submit form will give us all of the information we need to give you an approved offer.

Length of time from contract to close is mostly up to you, the seller. We can deliver speedy purchase offers and contract terms. However, we normally close within 21 days. That time can be extended if you need extra time before moving out.

None! Outside customary costs in selling a home, there are no hidden fees with our Approved Offer program

With property information you’ve kindly provided, we have budgeted buyer repair needs in your offer. There are no repair requirements as a condition of the offer.

We work with seller agents daily, thank you for telling us in advance! We can broker the purchase of your home while still participating with your agent.
We are not a “cash offer for any condition home” type of organization. This means that we will not offer on just any home. However, when we deliver an Approved Offer to you, the condition of the property has already been reviewed with information you provide, and repairs are not required as part of the contract or sale of your home.

Yes, we are licensed Real Estate agents in the states we represent.

We use the history of homes in your area that are as similar to yours that we can find to determine the current value of your home. Assuming we decide to make an offer on your home, that offer will be based on our understanding of the value of your home based on the information we collect regarding other homes in your area.

We ask for specific photos of your home during the approval process in order to verify that you are in fact the owner of the home you are seeking an approval offer on. This is in place to protect you and us! We do not want you or us to fall victim to a scam and this is one small way we can keep scammers from making both of our lives difficult.

Regardless of your role in the process, we are a real company with real human beings. If you need us, we are here for you and whether you reach out via phone or web, one of our local employees will assist you.

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