Overcoming the 5 Things Keeping You From Your Approved Offer

Don’t let what you think are our expectations keep you from your Approved Offer.

Usually when selling your home, whether to a cash buyer or through a listing, you will want to make sure your home is staged and in its top condition to bring in the highest offer possible. This means a lot of extra work for you during a time when you’re already stressed or overwhelmed with the process. 

However an approved offer means we have a buyer already in place to purchase your property as is and our expectations are a little less stressful on the homeowner.

Here is a list of objections we commonly hear and the stress free resolution we offer to help you through this process.


1. I Need to Clean and Paint my House Before Taking any Photos.

Not necessarily. If your dogs have left the fuzz all over the floor from their chewed up toys – then maybe a light cleaning first (spoken from personal experience).

Our photo requests are for you to prove ownership and access to the home. Don’t worry about cleaning your entire home or doing any rehab work prior to submission. That’s one way that you can save some time and money in the long run. We aren’t looking for “staged home” perfection to make a decision to buy.


2. I Don’t Know How to Submit the Photos.

As mentioned above, the photos serve more of a practical use for us. We need to know you are the owner but also the age of the AC unit, condition of the structure, and the like. We can either talk you through what photos to take and how to get them to us or we can have someone come take some photos on your behalf where feasible.

It is our main goal to make this as stress free as possible for you.


3. My home isn’t listed for sale or I’ve already signed with a Listing Agent. 

We can totally purchase your home without it being listed already. However, if it is currently listed, we can work with your existing Listing Agent to make an offer on your home.


4. I think my home may need some major work done.

Submit any way. Your definition of major may not be a big deal to us. If you are presented with an Approved Offer, we will do an inspection and you won’t have any surprise expenses prior to closing. We will make a decision before it ever gets to that point.


5. I don’t have the money to do a bunch of work on my home if you do buy it. 

Your “to do” list for moving out is as simple as this: Move everything out of the home (leave nothing for us to dispose of ). Do a light cleaning – as you normally would. You do not need to make the home move-in ready.

If you’ve read these objections and feel better about your home’s potential, give us a chance to consider it for our Approved Offer Program. 


Submit your home for an Approved Offer today!